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Mongolian Pure Cashmere Box


Product Description

There is cashmere and then there is partial “cashmere.” Pure, 100% hand-knitted cashmere has no silk or any other wool in the weave. So we went to the source - Mongolia, where the name cashmere (Kashmir) originates, to bring you the real deal. Our Mongolian friend Mendee, organized to have each of our scarves knitted by hand from the finest of fine goat hair which will keep you up to eight times warmer than the thickest wool scarf in your closet. This is pure luxury so we encourage you to wear it with style! We were as happy as children to be able to negotiate such a “find” and we thought what is more perfect than a coloring book just for an that added flavor of fun! In the spirit of giving back we also included these beautiful earrings that support a great cause. And to round out our joy, the cutest chic nail polish will finish your look for a fabulous winter holiday. Includes: 100% Pure Mongolian Cashmere Scarf, Starfish Project Mother of Pearl Earrings, Deco Miami Nail Polish

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