Our AHA Moment

Our AHA moment came when requests from friends had become overwhelming.  They all wanted to know where we scooped that delectable bracelet, clutch, beach tote...

while others wanted to know what was trending in a celebrities living room decor, Cannes festival soiree, London art gallery opening, Firenze leather show or on a New York fashion runway. Each came with its own stylish story, and Gift Izzy was born.

Our mission here at
Gift Izzy...

Gift Izzy is redefining the meaning of gifts in a unique way. Banished are the copies, the fakes, the shoddy designs. Enough of the junk! Coming to your doorstep bi-monthly will be a surprise of meticulously curated works of art and design from talented artisans around the world. By the time you open the luxury gift box, you will gasp in delight as you are transported into that long forgotten world of quality and style.

And as you read the story and inspiration behind each beautiful design you will understand why Gift Izzy is so passionate about bringing understated chic and individuality back into your life.

Gift Izzy recognizes the necessity of treating yourself to a little surprise. It is well earned but too often we fail to act. Opening the surprise is a moment when you find yourself in a quiet place with only your thoughts around you.

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