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                  Thank you for choosing Zhaofeng Precision Instruments We will continue to introduce all kinds of new scientific and technological products to meet the needs of more customers
                  ABOUT US

                  Good Vision Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd. is one of wholly owned subsidiary company invested by GPM group in China mainland. We are manufacturer and developer who specialize in video measuring system.

                  Good Vision follows the philosophy "people- -oriented, striking for the best, exploration and innovation, lasting development".  With strong technical strengths, advance international technologies and rich experienced talents, we have  launched several products series with top technology & powerful function of video measurement machine to the market. Our company not only  supplies professional equipments but also provides completely measurement solutions and development services. It effectively improved your measurement accuracy and market competition. In the meantime, our R&D team has been coordinating with optic-machinery-electricity all in one institute of university. This team consists of experts, professors, masters and scholars who working in geometrical survey technology. We are committed to geometry metrology oroductions and new products development in this field to meet customer' s requirements around the world.

                  Strong technical support and after-sales service The industry takes the lead in launching a star service system, 7*24 hours online manual service, to solve your worries
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                  CCONTACT US

                  Phone: 0769-22265125、22265126/231041125

                  Fax: 0769-22689102

                  Service Hotline: 0769-22265126

                  URL: www.giftizzy.com

                  E-mail: zf@dgzf.com.cn

                  Address: No. 1, Xiashaling South Road, Xiasha Village, Shipai Town, Dongguan City

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